Mission Statement

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Our Mission 

Elim Sports Church (ESC) is a Mens Ministry integrating sports and church life in the lives of Christian men from all denominations across the UK.

Elim Sports Church connects men for social, recreational, spiritual, evangelistic and accountability activities, assisting men to live an active life, whilst bringing honour to the name of Jesus.


A Need Amongst Men

For many years, young and mature men have began their Christian walk with zeal and excitement, as they accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Yet, for some, as the weeks, months and years follow the excitement begins to fade, and this starts to affect their walk with the LORD.

And, although many men enjoy their local church life, they hunger for the fellowship, humour and support of men their own age, who share their interests, and many lack regular fellowship.

Iron Sharpens Iron

The absence of regular fellowship, for some, not only amongst single men, but amongst many married men has revealed a longing to spend time bieng ‘one of the lads’ within a Christian context,

At Elim Sports Church we believe that meeting together, has many benefits, strengthening and equipping men in their Christian walk, assisting them to be strong, courageous, and accountable men.

The Plan 

Elim Sports Church organises a variety of sporting activities across the Uk, and beyond, via our men’s group called Christian Men United (C.M.U), with an annual gathering called the Invincible Games, held at Staffordshire Show Ground.

Get Involved

We encourage all men to get involved, either with Elim Sports Church’s or any other Christian men’s group.

Joining Christian Men United is free, all you have to do is, turn-up, meet other likeminded men, and enjoy the adventure.