Mission Statement

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Our Mission 

Connecting Men for social, recreational, spiritual, evangelistic and accountability activities. Assisting men to live an active exciting life, bringing honour to the name of Jesus, whilst living life to the max.

Welcome to C.M.U. 

Christian Men United


A Need Amongst Men

For many many years I have watched men, young and mature, begin their Christian walk with zeal and excitement as they accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. 

Yet as the weeks, months and years follow I watch as the excitement fades, and in some cases sadly, I watch their faith begin to fade also.

We began to realise that although many men enjoyed their local church life, they lacked the fellowship, humour and support of men their own age, or interests and therefore lacked any regular sharpening.

Iron Sharpens Iron

It become clear that this was not only amongst single men, but amongst many married men who felt that it would be very beneficial to be able to be ‘one of the lads’ within a Christian context,

Sadly, a few of these men had lost their way. Not being able to meet the basic need of male companionship, they had sought it in the secular world and had paid a high price!

‘Iron sharpens iron’. and this is why ‘Christian Men United’ exists.

We believe that it will not only strengthen the man who seeks to walk upright before the Lord, and to be strong and courageous, we believe that it will also benefit the married man, allowing him to be held accountable by his male companions, releasing undue pressure placed on the marital home.

The Plan 

At CMU we are planning a variety of activities to commence in 2019 in the North west of England. 

And as our membership grows we will be planning more activities and events locally nationally and around the world.

Our activities will vary from organising small group activities via our online tutorials, to large scale sporting events and social gatherings.

We aim to create activities based on our members sporting and social requests, along side assisting men in meeting together for bible based learning and to equip small groups with  the tools for establishing accountability groups where requested..

Subscriptions – Get Involved

Get involved, sign-up, and we will connect you with likeminded people who share your sporting, social or spiritual needs. 

Membership is free, so sign up and participate in this great adventure


Be blessed to the max

Marc Lesley