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Pre- Match Review

Elim Sports FC v Regents FC 18th November 2015

Elim Sports FC (ESFC), a brand new team, have been training since June 2015.

ESFC are looking forward to their first ever match against Regents FC, it is expected to be a challenging match as players begin to adjust to their allocated positions hoping to secure a regular position in league matches.

Marc, the coach, believes that the team is strong in both attack and midfield, with room for improvement in defence.

ESFC boasts four very capable goal keepers and believe that they can keep a clean score sheet. Hence,  Regents FC may struggle to score at what may become an Elim Sports FC v Regent FC derby game.

Match Report 

Regents FC 12 v Elim Sports FC 2

Right from the start Elim FC new that the game would be a challenging match, with only one substitute and some of their players being recent additions. Regents arrived with a full team and a hand full of subs, kitted in black they appeared coordinated and focused.

After both teams had stood around the centre circle and prayed together that the game would be injury free and that the game would be played in the right manner, the game got underway.

Regents dominated the first half with Elim struggling to find the form they had displayed during training sessions. Regents, the larger of the two teams used their size in defence to keep Elims forwards away from goal scoring positions. Likewise, in attacking moves Regents control of the ball was impressive with fast paced play and high quality passes using and creating some impressive football.

Elim appeared unsure at the start, with new players in new positions creating additional tension. Also, it was clear that the size of the opposition created fear in some of Elims players. Sloppy defence work and unsure hands of the keeper allowed Regents to increase their goal tally in the first half to 9, whilst, Elim failed to open their score card.

However, the second half saw Elim display some of their form: midfield closed the gaps that had, in the first half, allowed Regents to run through to the back line. Yet, the forwards still struggled to find the net due to Regents ‘Peter Crouch’ (Joe) and man mountain (Danny)  in defence, but, Leo battled through Regents defence to find the back of the net, followed shortly by another goal by Manuel, assisted by Joe.

Interestingly, Regents scored only three goals in the second half showing that if Elim had played the same style of football in the first half as they did in the second then the score may have been very different. However, Regents deserved to win, they chased every ball, never shirked a tackle and showed composure and experience throughout.


The constant theme throughout the game was the players spirit of togetherness on both sides which added to an outstanding night. Outstanding because this match was the first for Regents this year, and the very first match for Elim Sports FC.

Also, it would have been easy for Elims keeper (Oscar)  to let his head go down after Regents scored their mass of goals in the first half, yet he kept his chin up and in the second half displayed the form that we have seen him produce in training (maybe we have found our keeper!). Likewise, it would have been easy for Elims captain to ‘give up’ yet his performance was impressive (well done Joe). 

For the 3 new players who recently joined Elim Sports FC, they need to be commended, they joined in as if they had been part of the team for a long time, showing skill and ability on the ball and around the pitch.


Elim had one disagreement on the pitch where one player began to raise their voice with one of their own team mate, wanting to continue arguing their point of view rather than ‘move on’ focusing on the game in hand. 

Lessons Learnt

Elim can hold their head up high. This, their very first game revealed the ability and weaknesses the team has, but most importantly it revealed that even when the score board gets to the point where they cannot win, they continue to play football until the final whistle.

Elim has plenty of time to develop. After players have been given their positions each player can begin to ‘own them’ and develop patterns of play with team mates during training sessions, creating a strong team ready to challenge future opponents.

Practice areas

  • Tackling and man marking 
  • Defence strategy
  • Attacking forms of play 

Well Done lads proud of you all, you did well. . .


Coach: Marc L      

P.s.the refereeing was outstanding!. . .





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