Does God Care?

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People often ask, ‘Does God Really Care?


The answer is ‘Yes’

When Jesus, the Son of God, was on the earth He explained  that there would be times of trouble from storms, insects, wars and from personal problems for example: money worries and family strifes. Yet, these would only last a short time, (seasonal) and that all these troubling times would pass and that God would not necessarily intervene in every situation.

So, when we see or are involved in a troubling situation or we see horrific atrocities around the world we can sometimes see that there are forces of nature at work or that some situations have arose due to our own errors.

Nonetheless this may cause us to ask the question ‘why?’. . .’and . . .doesn’t God care?’

However, there is ‘Good News’, All Christians have a reassuring faith (they really believe) that even in the severest of circumstances and times of pain and personal grief, they know that God cares and is very much involved and will help them through every situation.

Similarly, sometimes when we pray and it seems that God is not listening we want to blame Him and we become angry, then we distance ourselves from Him or worse still . . .we stop believing in Him!

Yet, it is only God who is able to give us understanding in all the diverse situations that life brings, to each of us, and it is only God who sees everything that happens to us and the world we live in. . .nothing surprises Him.

So, if you are asking yourself today, ‘Does God Care?’. . .its time to make a choice. . .

Either we can begin to trust that God is a loving God, or we can turn from Him and miss out on all that He wants to reveal to us and share with us about His Son Jesus, who came to earth and sacrificed His life for us all, so that we can enjoy this life and the next.


God really does care,

Find someone who you know believes in God and ask them all the questions you have, so that you can begin to discover just how much God cares and loves you.