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4 Really Good Reasons to Eat Fish for Dinner Tonight


Top to toe, inside out, your body and mind will benefit

Bursting with important nutrients, such as protein and vitamin D, fish is a stellar choice of food to eat.

The NHS recommends that a healthy, balanced diet should include at least two portions of fish each week, as it’s a good source of vitamins, minerals and, depending on the fish, omega-3.

We chatted to UK registered nutritionist MSc (mBANT) May Simpkin, who talked us through exactly what the health benefits are for both body and mind when it comes to consuming different types of fish.

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Mens Anxiety, 3 Steps To Overcome


Anxiety is the silent leader in mental illness, our main ‘disruptor of peace’ Out of 40 million people affected, only 37% seek treatment

This statistic is even higher in men as only 1 in every 10 men report experiencing anxiety and depression, and less than half reported their concerns or sought treatment.

In the 21st century, men, are raised to ‘just deal with stuff and move on’. yet somethings like anxiety can’t be removed by drinking or playing sports, and in most cases there aren’t the opportunity’s to discuss the effects of anxiety.

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Elim Sports Church On Workspace…

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Welcome to Our Friday Night Meeting.

Christian Men United meet weekly, at City Church in Liverpool on a Friday evening, for fellowship and discipleship and to plan activities for the invincible games.

Each week we begin with a meal, chat and discuss a biblical topic, to stay physically and mentally healthy.


How It All Works

All you need to do is contact us if you require any more information, or, simply arrive at City Church at 19:30 and join in… Then, get Involved in our ‘Members Workplace’ and Chat, discuss and make plans, and enjoy being part of the team…

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Workplace is a social media communication tool that connects all members of Elim Sports Church (ESC). It uses familiar Facebook features such as live video, Groups and Chat to bring us all together, making teamwork faster.

Sometimes it can be difficult communicating with everyone at ESC, but Workplace is an efficient way to share information in a variety of ways. 


We have created different groups to enable a diverse range of conversations to take place 24/7, from general chat to planning team events.

Groups are diverse and include; Outdoor Pursuits, Social Events, Racket Sports and  Mens Health. Members can join as many groups as they wish.

Live Videos

Making announcements and chatting is made simple with integrated live videoing from one-one chats on mobile devices, to online team meetings for our groups.

For example, those interested in 6 aside football to those planning to travel to Lanzarote on our annual away week, can organise group chats through the Workplace live video system.

Text, video, images and GIFs 

Workplace also incorporates the latest innovative methods of interactive media, making our communication interesting and engaging. This transforms the way we share devotional material to the way we celebrate ESC members personal events, and anniversaries collectively on-line.
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**Workplace 3

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We Can Do All Things…


Dan Says, Happy Easter…

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Easter Changes Everything – A message from Chris Cartwright – Click Here 

Hot cross buns. Why do ‘you’ eat them?



Here are 3 of the stories that are told about why we eat hot cross buns.

What do you think?. . .


1. A 12th-century monk introduced the cross to the bun.The origins of hot cross buns may go back as far as the 12th century. According to the story, an Anglican monk baked the buns and marked them with a cross in honour of Good Friday. Over time they gained popularity, and eventually became a symbol of Easter weekend.

2. Hot cross buns gained popularity in Elizabethan England.Towards the end of the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I passed a law limiting the sale of sweet buns to funerals, Christmas, and the Friday before Easter. The English were deeply superstitious, believed the buns carried medicinal or magical properties, and were fearful of those powers being abused. Some even believed that buns baked on Good Friday would never go stale.

As a way to get around the law, more and more people began baking these sweet buns at home. Not only did they grow in popularity, but the law became too difficult to enforce and was eventually rescinded.

3. Superstitions about hot cross buns baked on Good Friday.There are also more than a few stories that indicate hot cross buns were baked on Good Friday for superstitious reasons. One tale states that buns baked on this day and hung from the rafters of a home would ward off evil spirits in the coming year. Another talks of these buns protecting sailors from shipwreck, while off at sea. Yet another version mentions that sharing the bun with a loved one guarantees friendship in the coming year.

I eat them because they are an excellent snack, especially when hot.

What do you think? What are the stories that you have heard? And why do you eat hot cross buns?


Information Source: www.thekitchn.com/heres-why-we-eat-hot-cross-buns-at-easter-holiday-traditions-at-the-kitchn-217463

Trust GOD

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FAQ: Elim Sports Church

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Where do you meet?

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Q:  Is there a Christian Women United?

Q:  What are the requirements to enter the Invincible Games?


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Lads, Its Time To Join The Gym…

A new gym opened and the lads were invited to get into shape for the football season. . .