Lads, Its Time To Join The Gym…

A new gym opened and the lads were invited to get into shape for the football season. . .

Hearing GOD Speak

Marc’s mate who isn’t yet a Christian, wanted to hear GOD speak, Marc explained the process of becoming a Christian and how to hear GOD speak…


Nasty That!. . .

Procrastination And Relationships

I have just been downing a cup of caffeine, enjoying the rich velvety texture and the nostalgic aroma, when one of the crisps I was eating found its way into a hole I have in one of my teeth!.

The pain was instant, & the reaction was acute. I grabbed my jaw, and with my tongue removed the offending crisp, smashed it against my back molars and swallowed. . .

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The Invincible Games 2021

A promotional film about The Invincible Games, an athletic competition and Christian conference. CLICK– For More information



Comfortable!. . .


I’m sat in this posh venue I can tell that it is posh because the leather seats are genuinely made of leather and the cost of my coffee tells me I must be drinking ‘gold leaf!’. . .

I’m not sure how to behave!. . .you see I’m so used to sitting on worn seats and in slightly weathered places. . .

I kind of feel a little. . .’uncomfortable!’. . .


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Cold Feet And Drawbridges

Christianity: Forgiveness


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The mornings arrived, but I’m not ready!

Its not yet daylight and my room is rather cold.


Let’s talk about you for a minute, yes you!

How are you doing? . . . Seriously how are you ‘really’ doing?

I ask because, last night a friend and I began a discussion pertaining reconciliation, about letting those who caused us pain or let us down in the past, back into our lives.

As we talked a few other friends arrived and the conversation became meaty. Veins protruded from tense neck muscles, as past hurts were summoned to mind and distant injustices re-calibrated. . .Cont’d

Christian Men, Your Invite To Our Friday Nights In…

Welcome to Our Friday Night Group.

As you know we are all staying in to beat this deadly virus and have created a way to still meet for a meal, chat, sports and biblical study.

What could be better, if your 18+ are a Christian or your very interested in discovering more about Jesus, your very welcome to join us.


We meet via ‘WhatsApp’ simply complete the quick form below and you will be added and welcomed into the online group, feel free to chat ask questions and enjoy yourself.